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Secret Weevils Squad

How do i join the SWS?

The SWS stands for Secret Weevils Squad, a top secret organisation available to all weevils. To access SWS, click on the weevil portrait of Clott in your nest. You will then be required to take a quick quiz to test your general knowledge of the bin.


Question 1) level up

Question 2) Lab’s Lab

Question 3) Rum’s Airport


For completing the quiz, you are now a loyal member of the SWS, and have therefore gained access to the SWS Headquarters located at Castle Gam. You would have also been rewarded with 500 Mulch, 50 Experience and a Golden SWS Trophy for your nests.

====================CURIOUS FACTS ABOUT SWS====================

-The SWS Headquarters was previously located at Flem Manor. However, when Castle Gam got a new makeover late November, Castle Gam became the new place to go to access the SWS Headquarters.

-Your weevil used to be required to complete a simple SWS Bubble Hunt before you could call yourself a member.

-SWS Missions used to be available for all weevils, regardless of whether you were a Bin-Tycoon or not.