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Gallons o’ Glitches

Welcome to Gallons o’ Glitches, a page that is constantly being updated with easy to perform glitches. Complete with easy to follow instructions. If you want to be the talk of the bin, then have a go at some of these glitches.

Antenna Dilemma [Tycoon Required]
1) Put on and wear any Tycoon Hat.
2) Walk to any spot in the room you are in.
3) Now remove your hat and see what’s revealed.
Drink Anywhere
1) Travel to Figg’s Cafe or Tum’s Diner
2) Click to purchase a drink from any one of the machines.
3) Before you purchase the drink, travel to any room you wish.
4) Now complete the purchase and you will be drinking in your new choosen destination!
On Top of the Peel
1) Travel to Ink’s Orange Peel.
2) Click to play any one of the games available.
3) Before you reach your game crouch down.
4) Now click the exit arrow to the left.
5) As soon as your weevil passes the arrow, click in front of the peel.
6) When your weevil is on the peel, crouch down once again.
Invisible Jump
1) Travel to Ink’s Orange Peel.
2) Now Super Bounce one time onto the Peel and then away from the Peel.
3) You will now be invisible, and remain invisible to others.
Walkin’ On Air
1) Travel to The Shopping Mall.
2) Click on the pipe to access the top floor.
3) Click on the Floors & Walls shop.
4) Right before the doors open for you, quickly click on the trampoline.
5) The shop window would have opened, so now exit it.
6) Now click in various spots and you will be walking on air.
Walkin’ On Air 2
1) Travel to Flem Manor.
2) Click to enter the Library Room [top right] whilst you are on the bottom floor.
3) Now exit and leave the room.
4) Click on the right statues reflection.
5) Now click in various spots and you will be walking on air.
Random Portal
1) Click the Random Portal located in your nest.
2) Right before the machine takes into action, quickly crouch down.
3) If you timed it right, you will not be lodged inside the The Portal.
Nest Cam
1) Travel to any Cam-Enabled rooms in the bin (Ink’s for instance)
2) As soon as the Cam begins to load, travel back to your nest.
3) Click your Mail Box and wait a few minutes [time varies]
4) Exit that window and with a little luck, Cam will now be enabled in your nest.
Under The Stairs
1) Travel to Flem Manor.
2) Jump up to the top of the staircase.
3) Now use Super Jump to jump on the right statues reflection.
4) Now click the left statues reflection, but crouch when you’re under the stairs.
Under The Stairs Alternative
1) Travel to Flem Manor.
2) Jump up the top of the staircase.
3) Now use Super Jump to jump down again.
Dirt Valley Wall Lodge
1) Travel to any place with games.
2) Click to play a game, but crouch down before you reach the game.
3) Now quickly click on map and travel to Dirt Valley.
4) Click on Track 2, watch your weevil walk into the wall.
The Hat Glitch [Tycoon Required]
1) Log into the bin with a spare Bin-Tycoon Weevil.
2) Now open another window and log in with your main Bin-Tycoon weevil.
3) Keep the server selection menu open, and switch back to your other weevil.
4) You will now find, that your spare weevil has all the hats your main weevil does.
Note: You must own two Bin-Tycoons in order to perform this glitch.