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Mulch & Experience Help

Welcome to your personal Mulch & Experience Guide. A page that will showcase the many different ways of earning mulch and how much mulch you can gain by doing a variety of different things…
You will need mulch to spend on new furniture, feed your weevil, and buy Nest Fuel for your Power Generator.
-Hunt for the Daily Crown, The Crown will help you to gain a nifty total of 75 Mulch per day. The Crown will always and only be hidden in Cam Enabled rooms and will either be visible or hidden around a corner [be sure to use cam!]
-Play as many games as possibly every day. A popular pick is Lab’s Lab, the lessons get harder the more you play and so does the Mulch Total!
-Complete the large selection of Crosswords and Word Searches available at Flem Manor.
Crossword Prize: 400 mulch/30 experience
Wordsearch Prize: 300 mulch/10 experience
-Complete Hunts, there are always hunts available in the bin. Be sure to take part in Hunts by tracing down those Mulch-Worthy bubbles to earn a high mulch prize!
By completing Hunts, you also give yourself the opportunity to win sum’ wicked prizes that Bin Weevils have to offer. It’s not just the Mulch you’re competing for!
[We Regularly Update Hunt Answers]
-Harvest Plants, your garden can be a claim to bin riches, ensuring you have the right technique at hand. If you’re looking for quick and easy mulch then looks won’t necessarily matter. Don’t put the effort into making it fancy if you’re going to harvest shortly after.
Be sure to use plenty of the same plant, not forgetting to fit as many as you can side by side. Form organised rows or patterns [anything to keep the flow going]
Take advantage of your given space, don’t rush the technique and form unorganised crowds of plants in the center [take your time!]
Try to follow a pattern, start from any corner and gradually work your way towards the center, Clockwise or Anticlockwise [Here's an Example]
Here is a collection of some of the finest plants based on your level to Grow n’ Harvest….
Level 1-10
Rainbow Rose, Red Rose, Yellow Foxglove
Level 10-20
Silver Cap Mushroom, Polka Dot Mushroom, Fly Agaric Mushroom, Blue Foxglove
Level 20-30
Gold Cap Mushroom, Blue Bubble Mushroom
Level 30 & up
Bling Cap Mushroom, Super Bling Cap Mushroom
With the right technique and the right plants, you can level up twice a day!